Stephen Hawking, One Of The Greatest Modern Day Scientists, Passes Away At 76

Despite his disability, he went to become one of the most inspiring global names in science.

Stephen Hawking, the renowned British physicist and cosmologist passed away on Wednesday at his home in Cambridge. Hawking, 76, who spent most of his life crippled to a wheelchair, because of a rare motor neuron disease that affected him at an early age, went to become one of the most inspiring scientists across the globe.
With educational degrees from the prestigious Oxford as well as Cambridge University, Hawking’s first major breakthrough came in 1970, when he along with Sir Roger Penrose combined Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics to study about the Big Bang and black holes.
He is best known for his discovery ‘Hawking radiation’ which said that black holes emit energy due to quantum ‘virtual particles’ that constantly pop in and out of existence in a vacuum.
For a prolific speaker as well as a celebrated writer, Hawking often ignited debates with his dark humour and profound opinions.