No Trevor Noah, Now Is Not The Time To Mock Indo-Pak Tension

This is one wisecrack Trevor Noah probably could have done without. The South African comedian, who hosts one of America’s most popular satirical news shows, The Daily Show, found himself bang in the middle of a raging controversy.  In a recent episode of the show, Noah tried to crack a joke over the growing tension between India and Pakistan. Twitter would have none of it and slammed him for the ‘racist’ and ‘insensitive’ jokes.

 On Friday, captured IAF pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was released by Pakistan at the Wagah border.

However, in a video of the American talk show that has gone viral on social media, Trevor said that he hopes that two countries don’t go to war but if they do “it would be the most entertaining war ever”.

 Noah, decided to stretch the joke further by adding a Bollywood reference.  He imitated soldiers singing and doing dance numbers on the border. He further added that it will be the longest war because of the ‘dance numbers’.


Many took to the social media to point out that Trevor’s remarks are not only ‘racist’ but also trivialises the Pulwama attack wherein over 40 CRPF personnel lost their lives.