Indians have made Dhinchak Pooja a lakhpati. Read to find out how!

Sar pe uske rehta taaj because she got that moolah!

Dhinchak Pooja has been taking over everyone’s newsfeed. Memes, videos, articles, GIFs and all that jazz. Everybody who is in India and has a working internet connection knows Dhinchak Pooja. The only way society will accept you if you don’t know her is if you’ve been living under a rock all these months.

You cringed at her videos, but tagged 10 of your friends. You may not have liked her vocals, but still shared the YouTube link everywhere. You shared the memes, GIFs and dubs (and let’s face it, that was the highlight of your day). All this led to one thing- Dhinchak Pooja swimming in moolah.

Yes, all of us have collectively made Dhinchak Pooja a legit lakhpati.

 Wondering how? Keep reading:

Ever since she went viral her videos have garnered millions of views on YouTube. We all know that YouTube is a generous platform that gives out decent sized paychecks to viral entertainers. Thanks to all of us she has somewhere around 22,526,390 views.

Let’s break this down into a simple calculation, shall we?

YouTube has a payout of Rs. 16 for 100 views and YouTube India has an approximate payout of Rs. 1 for 100 views.

Scenario 1:
If 100% of her audience is Indian, her total earning comes to Rs.2,25,263.9 which is not bad!

Scenario 2:
Now let’s assume that a maximum of 5% of her audience is outside India (They already have Rebecca Black, they don’t need Dhinchak Pooja).
Based on this calculation, her earnings could increase to somewhere around (1,80,211 from the international audience) + (2,14,000 fro from indian audience) = 3,94,211 Rs

A Quora user broke down the exact calculations using graphs and equations (such math; much wow):

How much does Dhinchak Pooja earn? How much does Dhinchak Pooja earn? How much does Dhinchak Pooja earn?

So an approximate of her earnings is somewhere between 2-4 lakhs. Yes, close your mouth. You gave her the money.

Check out the memes that helped her become social media royalty:







SO basically, all of us right now:

Dhinchak Pooja right now:

We’re pretty sure her real name is Pooja Sharma because once our parents find out how much she earns, we’ll receive flying chappals for not matching up to this Sharma ji ki beti.

And let’s face it- she is earning more money than most of us reading this so yeah. We’re officially dhinchukians now.