'Ghar Se Nikalte Hi' Actor Mayoori Kango Is Now Google India Industry Head

Remember ‘Ghar Se Nikalte Hi’ actor Mayoori Kango who stole our hearts with her stint in Papa Kehte Hai (1995)?

Mayoori is now Google India’s Head of Industry-agency business.

She started her career in Bollywood as a teenager

At the age of 15, Mayoori chose acting in films over getting enrolled in IIT Kanpur.  

She made her debut with National Award-winning film Naseem in 1995, and featured in movies like Badal, Hogi Pyaar Ki Jeet, and Betabi

Mayoori later pursued an MBA from City University of New York, U.S and started working with a digital agency. 

In an interview to TOI, she said that fans are often surprised to see her donning this new corporate role. 

“Every time a new client sees me, they have the same question – ‘How come you are here?’ I have answered it so many times that some colleagues suggested that I record the answer”

“Actresses have a career of only ten years and they should have a backup option,” she told TOI.

She had shifted to US in 2003 after marrying NRI Aditya Dhillon. But, after she gave birth to a son, Mayoori returned to India, and settled down in Gurgaon.