From Gormint aunty to Nagarpalika: These were the top trending desi memes of 2017

2017 has seen some pretty amazing memes. Let's have an year end countdown of the the best desi memes, shall we?

If life was TIME magazine and we had to choose a person of the year, we’d nominate all the desi meme makers for the absolutely savage memes they’ve given us this year. With 2017 coming to an end, we look back at it as the year of memes. Memes are now a staple timeline diet (I mean, Amitabh Bachchan knows about them now).

While memes like ‘Saltbae’ and ‘Cash me Ousside’ stole the global limelight, our desi memes were the real heroes on every Indian’s timeline. To celebrate these masterpieces, we’re doing a countdown of the top trending desi memes of 2017. Let’s take a look:

13) Wear helmet at back also

Sachin’s ‘wear helmet at back also’ is the latest, and probably the funniest of the memes that have recently gone viral. When Sachin rolled down the window of his car on a busy road in Kerala to give a friendly message to some bike riders, the internet turned it into the funniest compilation video you’ll ever see.

12) Aao kabhi haveli pe

Undoubtedly the biggest meme trend. Your parents know about it too.

11) Trivago memes

When the internet decided to randomly troll the Trivago guy, we got some of the funniest memes we’ve ever seen! From remixing the original Trivago ad to troling the ‘Kya aapne kabhi online hotel search kiya?’ line, these memes were pretty creative!

10) Irrfan Khan memes

In order to promote his latest flick, Irrfan Khan joined hands with AIB and turned himself into a bunch of memes. Thank you AIB, for introducing us to the world of dank memes.

9)Kangana Ranaut memes

Kangana Ranaut + Hrithik Roshan + Drama = Fire memes

8) Sabki nahi hoti Laxman memes

No idea who started these, but thank God they did.

7) Nahi karna tha memes

Iconic Bollywood scenes create iconic desi memes. The hilarious plot-twists people added to this scene from Dhamaal had everyone ROFLing.


6) Bolna aunty aau kya

Once Om Prakash Mishra’s terribly misogynistic music video went viral, the memes followed soon after. While websites wrote about how sexist the lyrics were, Om Prakash fans went on a rampage and screamed bolna aunty aau kya in Delhi and Mumbai.

5) Deepak Sharma

When Deepak Sharma talked about his ‘educational skills’ and ‘degrees’, Indian meme makers went crazy. The infamous ‘maymay banana tumhara haq hai‘ video made Deepak Sharma the most notorious meme of 2017.

4) Deepak Kalal

Think homophobia isn’t real? Well, you only need to see the memes made on Deepak Kalal to prove that statement wrong.

3) Nagarpalika

When one man set out to fix Indian potholes, all we could say was ‘Arey, bhai bhai bhai bhai

2) Kamlesh

The internet decided to take a serious documentary and turn it into a meme. While loads of people spoke against the meme and how it was in ill taste, Kamlesh memes have refused to stop trending.

1) Ye bik gayi hai gormint

The OG meme that started the meme culture in India, badass Gormint aunty said it like it is and became a pop culture icon. Remember the Che Guevara themed ‘Ye bik gayi hai Gormint’ creative AIB released?

So who’s the real winner here? It’s all the memes we made. It’s all of us. Here’s wishing that 2018 is full of equally promising memes.