Forget BMC, These Samaritans Are Fixing Potholes In Mumbai

They have already fixed more than 20 potholes in the city.

Every monsoon, thanks to the poorly constructed roads in the city, Mumbaikars have to deal with deadly potholes. And just like it happens every time, the concerned authorities are busy passing the buck and trading charges at each other. But this time, two citizens have decided to take the matters into their own hands.

Irfan Machchiwala & Mushtaq Ansari, two Mumbai-based social activists have started a citizens’ campaign to fix the damaged roads of the city by filling potholes all by themselves. Till now, they have covered more than 30 such pits. The duo feels that whatever they are doing is a part of their social responsibility.

Potholes have already claimed the lives of five people in Mumbai and adjoining areas like Kalyan and Thane this season.

Hope this turns out to be a wake-up call for the authorities!