Ananya Birla's New Song Is Making Everyone Question Her Music Career

In 2016, daughter of billionaire industrialist Kumar Mangalam and Neerja Birla, Ananya Birla released her first single Living the Life, which was such a banger.

No really, people loved it-

Birla’s single was written by American producer Jim Beanz (who has worked with Nelly Furtado, Whitney Houston, Marilyn Manson and Timbaland ) and mixed by EDM sensation Afrojack. You’re obviously thinking that with such big names around, the song should’ve been fire.

Well, we won’t say much about the outcome though. Check it out for yourself-

Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan said she’ll “change d world” with her voice and leading newspapers gave the ‘refreshingly new’ song a thumbs up.

In the same year she made her first live appearance on the same stage as Coldplay and chose to lip-sync. Yes, lip sync. Thousands of talented singers could’ve killed to be on that stage, but it was Ananya, who got the chance. She had one chance to redeem herself and throw away the ‘rich brat’ tag, and she chose to lip sync. The internet can be a mean place, and that’s exactly what it was after Ananya performed at the concert.

She released another single a few days ago, proving that she’s not someone who gives up easily-

Less cringy than ‘living the life’ for sure, but it is a bland, Kygo-inspired song with a pretty boring hook that is very, very forgettable. As far as the quality of her vocals is concerned, ummm… it’s hard to tell because it’s buried under layers of music and processing, but we’re pretty sure a hefty amount was invested in a good auto-tuning software to make her sound like like a humanoid robot.

By all standards, she is a talented lady. At 17, she started a microfinance company called Svatantra Microfin. She also launched a luxury e-commerce platform Curocarte and has started a lot of NGOs too. Clearly, a talented businesswoman, but a singer? Let’s just say that in a country that silently watches people abuse their privileges in almost all walks of life, there are some lines that should not be crossed. And her ‘musical career’ certainly crosses them.