7 kickass things to do if you are single on Valentine's Day

For those in love, Valentine’s Day is a beautiful time to reflect on their blossoming relationship and remember all the reasons why you love each other only to realize a few years down the line that pyaar ek dhokha hai.

If you find yourself alone come February 14, don’t let these annoying couples get to you. Just because you don’t have a ‘significant other’ to share it with (read: waste time with), doesn’t mean that the day itself can’t be special. Whether you’re brand new to the single’s club or a long-standing member, there’s one thing that can’t be denied: being single is so underrated.

Yes, you can do whatever you want whenever you want without having to tell anyone, you don’t have to deal with in-laws and all that jazz; but here’s the biggest reason why being single is awesome- EVERY pizza you order is your own. You don’t have to share it.

For all the single people, here are 5 savage ways you can celebrate 14th February:

Join hands with awesome people to shout ‘Pyaar ek dhokha hai’

If you still haven’t heard, AIB has created an event for their ‘Pyaar ek dhoka hai’ campaign where all singles shall get together and shout “Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai” on Valentine’s Day to save couples from the disease that love is. Honestly, this should be your priority.

Shop for yourself

Good news: If you’re single, you don’t have to spend 374628347 bucks on somebody. You can spend all of it on yourself. If that’s not self love, what is?


Time for an epiphany

You won’t be sad about being alone on Valentine’s Day once you realize that you’ve been alone on all the other days too. We all die alone in the end anyway. Just accept it with a smile and laugh at the stupid couples wasting their time out there.

Get that makeover you always wanted

If you’re gonna be your own Valentine, you gotta look fine! Head to a spa, relax for the day, get a massage, get a haircut and leave the salon looking like a completely new person. Basically do all the things a couple can’t.


Literally just go on 5 dates

You’re not stuck with one person for the rest of the day and they do say two heads are better than one, right? Nuff’ said.

Sign up for extreme sports

Whenever someone wants to jump off a plane or dive into the ocean, there’s always a scaredy-cat partner holding them back. Well guess what, you don’t have to deal with that shiz. Head out to Goa and try out everything your ex was too afraid of!


More food for you!

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day you’re allowed to have two dinners right? Go out for a dinner date with yourself and eat your heart out. Indulgence, baby!