7 Karan Johar tweets that are so cryptic that we need to hire a detective to interpret them

Have you read Karan Johar's tweets starting with "Dear". We went through two-dozen such tweets and what we got is pure gold. Dig in.

A tweet is much more than just 140 characters. It is life-lesson, it is gossip, it is insight, it is truth and most  importantly  it is mystery.

If you are thinking, we have strange tweet issues to be talking about it with such passion, you are right. You will feel the same way, if you went through two dozen tweets by Karan Johar that begin with the word “Dear”, followed by a cryptic message.

We have tried to interpret some of these tweets. Dig in.

  1. On Botox

Does Karan Johar possess an explosive secret list of people in Bollywood who have gotten Botox done?


2. On delusion

Delusion is the ‘200 crore club’ makes a film great, reality is Bollywood makes crappy movies.

3. On ambition.

Your pay-check doesn’t need to have the same number of zeroes as someone else’s.

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4. On nepotism

Shared without comments.



5. On Hashtag

Alert: Grammar nazi attack.

6. On guilty pleasures

Dear Karan, I have a desperate urge to unsee Kuch Kuch Hota Hai but then I watch it anyway every Sunday. Why are your films such a guilty pleasure?


7. On talent