5 straight-up lies Bollywood movies tell teens about college

We know how excited one gets when they’re about to enter college. You’re young, fresh outta high school and far too cool to listen to anything that your parents or teachers have to tell you about college, so most of your guidance comes from horrible Bollywood movies. Sadly, once you enter college you will learn that movies are full of filthy lies.

Don’t believe us? Here are some examples:

Your college will throw amazing parties

Okay, we’re sorry to break it to you, but prom nights don’t happen in Indian colleges. Remember the super cool prom from Main Hoon Na  where everyone including the students danced till midnight? Yeah, that won’t happen. Farewell and freshers are the only parties you college may throw for you, but please note that the ones that happen in college are crappy 90% of the times.

Everyone dresses up like they’re going to a club

If you step into your classroom looking like Alia Bhatt from SOTY or Kareena from K3G, chances are people will die laughing. You’ll see people showing up in pyjamas for God’s sake, no one’s dressed in sequins and bodycon dresses.


Teachers are obsessed with your life

Remember Veeru Sahastra Buddhi aka Virus from 3 idiots? No teacher is interested in knowing how much your dad earns, who you hang out with and what you drink. The last time I checked, most (already overworked) college professors couldn’t wait for their shifts to be over and leave.

The popular kids are always snooty

Remember how Devika aka Pooja Bedi talked about people being beneath her? Not all popular kids are brats. Most of them are popular because they’re generally nice people, okay?

In the end, everyone is friends with everyone

Unlike what you saw in SOTY, it’s higly unlikely that people will fix their differences and your college will not be one big party where everyone talks to everyone and it’s just one big happy family. While there might not be any gang-wars happening, there will be groups and you’ll have to make your peace with that.