What can a 4-year old do with a piano? Hear it from this music prodigy

Interestingly enough, this kid has been playing for barely a few months.

When asked what all can a four-year old do, rarely would anyone say play a piano well enough to make Steve Harvey speechless. This is exactly what four-year old Evan did on the television show Little Big Shots where he stunned the audience with his spell-binding performance.

Now upon seeing him go through the rendition so flawlessly you must think it took him years of practice to cultivate such skills, but Evan says he has only been playing for a few months. While sometimes the most talented of the lot need a good amount of practice, this kid sure seems gifted beyond imagination to have mastered the skill to such an extent in a short while.

Watch him play in this video here:

Soon after Evan is done playing, Harvey is so stunned that he apologizes to his seven kids for them being unable to cultivate any such skill at this tender an age. What is noteworthy is that while Steve Harvey appreciates the kid and cannot stop going gaga over his performance, Evan takes to begin playing another tune on his piano. It is in this one moment that the kid”s love for the instrument he plays becomes amply clear.

While it’d be unfair to compare, isn’t this video taking you back to what all you could or could not accomplish as a four year old?