Watch: Think Indian classical music is boring? Let this Carnatic a-capella change your mind

IndianRaga's Carnatic a-capella will lift your spirits and have you listening to it on loop!

Music has touched souls since times immemorial and every generation has found a new way to make people around take note and listen. While we would all willingly listen to Bollywood music and semi-classical made popular via movies, it’s a tad bit more difficult to make us listen to a Hindustani Classical or Carnatic music rendition, isn’t it? Well, IndianRaga is here to change that with this brilliant a-capella of theirs.

These IndianRaga fellows from the 2016 batch perform a combination of lyrics from the popular song Kandukonden Kandukonden, with lyrics from a Ragam Thanam Pallavi rendition by Sanjay Subrahmanyan. All this in turn is sung to the backdrop of beautiful notes in the ragam Nalinakanthi arranged by Vinod Krishnan. While most of us are familiar with Penn Masala’s a-capellas which make use of popular numbers in both Hindi and English, this purist rendition of Carnatic music in such a format is quite a first. Even though most of us might not be familiar with the language they are singing in, this rendition will still have you hooked and playing this on repeat soon enough.

For the uninitiated, Carnatic music is a branch of Indian Classical that has its roots in Southern India and is sung very differently from its sibling Hindustani Classical. When performed, Carnatic music has major focus on the vocals and makes use of the violin, mridangam and tambura for accompaniments. This form of Indian classical is usually sung as strictly made compositions and its a no-brainer to guess how much of extraordinary talent would be needed to make it into an a-capella.

Sung by Sushmitha Ravikumar, Sindhu Shashikanth, Karthik Ramasubramanian, Vivek Ramanan, Vinod Krishnan, and Kaushik Hariharan this offbeat rendition of Indian Classical music is here to change the way you see it and will leave you wanting more.