How Adele's sound failure during live performance proves she's everything Mariah Carey is not

When the sound system failed her, Adele didn't fail her fans, unlike some others... *cough* Mariah Carey *cough*

While Mariah Carey continues to blame Dick Clark Productions for sabotaging her performance on New Year’s Eve, we can’t help but recall the time when English singer Adele experienced a sound failure during her concert in Birmingham, England. And, what happened next shows exactly why we love her as much as we do.

You see, unlike some artists, Adele doesn’t lip-sync; she sings live! She doesn’t care if some of her notes sound flat or if her voice cracks, she never fakes it as she loves performing live and being true to her fans. She is also pretty determined to get her songs right. Speaking of her live performances of the song Hello from 25, she said, “I haven’t nailed ‘Hello’ yet, and I’m finding that extremely frustrating.”

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So, when the sound system failed her, Adele didn’t fail her fans. She continued to sing and it was crystal clear that she really doesn’t lip-sync. Moreover, she was so engrossed in her performance of All I Ask that she didn’t even realise what was off. Her fans in the crowd, as supportive as they are, started singing along when the sound went off.

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Mariah Carey New Year's Eve

In a complete contrast, after Mariah Carey’s in-ear technical glitch, she discontinued singing and her team attempted to blame Dick Clark Productions for being incompetent. “A real singer would have kept on singing,” said some of her disappointed fans. And that’s just what Adele did, she continued to sing even with a sound failure.

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It is great to see that while others try and uphold a facade to get people to like them, Adele is just herself, she doesn’t give a fuck (as she would say), and her fans absolutely adore her for that.

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When the sound came back on, the crowd roared as she was hitting a high note. She completed her performance and her reaction was absolute gold! “The sound went off? The PA fucking cut off?” she said. She then pointed to a group of fans in the front row and said, “So, you guys had a private concert down in the front?” She even bragged about herself a little as the audience cheered her on. “Every fucking show I sing live,” she added.