Would you buy Cinderella Castle for Rs 24 lakhs? Check out 9 Disney toys with a shocking price tag!

Believe it or not, some Disney toys and collectibles are so damn expensive that people don't even get to see them, let alone buy them! Check em out:

Established in 1923, the Walt Disney Company has spent 94 long years creating a legendary legacy that is recognized and loved all across the globe. It’s pretty obvious that a brand as famous as Disney is bound to have innumerable toys and collectibles based on loved characters like Pinocchio, Cinderella and of course Mickey and Minnie. That’s the magic of the enchanting Disney universe! Though Disney products around the world are generally pretty affordable and have universal appeal, some of them are so damn expensive that people don’t even get to see, let alone buy them!

It takes a lot of fan-obsessed kinda love for someone to drop that kinda money on toys and figurines, but then our beloved mouse has proved that numbers don’t  matter when it comes to loving Disney. Whether you’re buying a little soft for 500 bucks or splurging on one of these in our list, Disney will continue to be a part of pop culture, toys and home decor around the globe for generations to come.

Having said that, here’s a list of Disney toys that’ll make a pretty deep dent in your wallet:

Pinocchio figurine – Rs 98,000

We’re not lying, this Pinocchio figurine is encrusted with 1,896 sparkly Swarovski crystals and features his cat, Figaro. Wanna splurge? Head to the online Disney store!

Crystal Noah’s Ark Bowl with Gold bands – Rs 4.4 lakhs

Shaped like an ark, this Crystal Bowl also has a 24 karat gold band. It is a special limited edition work of art is crafted by Disney’s favorite Arribas Brothers!

Cruella de Ville prop at the Disney Store – Rs 5.2 lakhs

Available at select Disney stores, these vintage props will look lovely in your house. If you live in prison, that is.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Limited Edition Figurine by Arribas Brothers – Rs 6.2 lakhs

Available on the Disney store for Rs 6.2 lakhs (excluding taxes and delivery), this figurine is encrusted with over 30,000 handset Swarovski stones by the Arribas brothers. Not exactly your average soft toy, is it?

Black Diamond Classic Edition of Beauty & the Beast – Rs 8.8 lakhs

Yes, the old VHS tapes from the 90s are now worth lakhs and are available on selected sites. People who still have the tapes are selling them on Ebay and cashing in on the nostalgia. Regret throwing yours away? You should!

Snow White Original Poster – Rs 18 lakhs

If you want to buy the original poster from 1937, you’ll have to shell out Rs 18 lakhs on Ebay. It is a collector’s item that still hasn’t been auctioned off. Why not just get it printed for free?

Cinderella castle by Arribas Brothers – Rs 24 lakhs

Always wanted a little castle of your own? You can buy one from the Disney store for Rs 24 lakhs only (no you can’t fit inside)! Why does it cost so much? It has over 28,000 handset Swarovski crystals. Happily ever after much?

Charlotte Clark’s Mickey and Minnie dolls –  Rs 25 lakhs to Rs 95 lakhs!

Charlotte Clark was an American seamstress who created the first line of Mickey Mouse dolls. Hence obviously, her creations from the 1930s cost a bomb now. There were 3 standard sizes of dolls produced for retail sale by Charlotte Clark- 8.5”, 13.5” and 18”. These masterpieces have been auctioned off for as high as Rs 95 lakhs. Some Disney magic, eh?


Celebration Mickey – Rs 26 crores!

Celebration Mickey is a 2-foot-tall, 24-karat-gold Mickey Mouse sculpture and is the largest gold sculpture ever made in the history of Disney. It is one of the most expensive pieces of Disney memorabilia to ever exist. It is currently owned by R & D Muller, a Florida-based holding company who are open to offers.


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