Wonder how to get soft lips? These simple ways will help you prevent chapped lips

Winter season is here and so is the problem of dry or chapped lips. We have compiled a list of ways that can help you maintain smooth lips

With the winter season approaching, your lips need that extra attention as most of the time they can ve dry or chapped. From keeping a lip balm to keeping yourself hydrated, these are the simple ways that can end your quest for how to get soft lips.

Home remedies like applying ghee or butter are one such important way to deal with the problem. Another way as mentioned by a facial aesthetic expert Abhishek Raj is to clean your tongue regularly and keep it’s health in check. According to him, this is one of the most important aspects that can help you attain smooth lips.  Apart from that, the expert has revealed certain quick ways that can fix the problem.

how to get soft lips

Sprinkled Lips

1. Drink water:  You need to keep yourself hydrated as it is a must especially in winter season. Just because you do not feel thirsty does not mean that your water intake should be less. Your skin and your lips need a proper amount of hydration. Drinking at least six to eight glasses of water a day is one thing that will help you maintain soft lips and prevent them from being dry. Drinking ample amount of water is necessary to replenish the lost moisture from the skin and the lips.

2. Hold your tongue: The expert has put much emphasis of how one should not lick his lips regularly with his/her tongue. This tendency increases whenever the lips feel dry and stretched. Some feel that you need moisture for lips and your saliva comes handy, which is not true! On contrary, it proves counter-productive and in return make the lips more dry and chapped.

3. Avoid vitamin B deficiency: Insufficient consumption of vitamin B not only affects your digestive system’s functioning but it also affects the health of the lips.

The lips and the corners of the mouth get cracked and deficiency of vitamin B can also cause ulcers in the mouth. Ensure enough intake of vitamin B to keep lips healthy during winters.

4. Lip augmentation or hydration procedure: For people who have thin lips and desire a pronounced appearance, dermal fillers like Juvederm are very effective. When administered into the lips, the hyaluronic acid based fillers give volume to the lips.


(–Inputs from IANS)