Why is Lord Shiva a popular choice for tattoos among youth?

Do you look around and find your friends opting for a Shiva? Well, we have decoded this trend for you

Maha Shivratri is just around the corner and the air is brimming with the feelings of devotions towards the supreme lord. While the temples are gearing up for grand celebrations that are usually marked with offering milk, Bael leaves and flowers to the ‘Shiva lingam‘, there are others who are just waiting to taste ‘thandai‘, a drink that is distributed widely near Shiva temples on Shivratri.

Ahead of this auspicious day, which marks the union of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati, we thought of having some fun and exploring the factors that keep this centuries-old tradition anew. Our search for the coolness quotient took us to the tattoo parlours and to the people with Shiva tattoos. And what we got to know about the connection between the youngsters and Shiva tattoos opened doors to a brand new perspective towards our understanding of the divine lord and the festival.

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We asked several quirky questions to the people with the Shiva tattoo and their answers sure stunned us. When we asked people why youngsters were increasingly opting for Shiva tattoos, we got mixed response. While some believe that it was faith that was inspiring youngsters to opt for Shiva tattoos, others believe that it’s a part of the ongoing trends. Some even suggested that Bollywood celebrities too inspired the trends.

Talking about the reasons why Shiva remained a popular choice among all gods, what we found out is totally unconventionally. Shiva is the ‘cool god’, who is uncustomary and free-spirited. He drinks and smokes and hence is hip in the eyes of the youth.