Want to get rich? 7 jobs that can potentially make you a millionaire

If you are someone who doesn't want an ordinary desk job, then have a look at our list of 7 career choices that can instantly make you rich

A great man once said, “Get rich or die trying.” Now while that great man filed for bankruptcy a few years ago, not everyone has to go down the same lane. We’ve got a famous line that says ‘Na baap bada na bhaiyya, sabse bada rupaiya‘ for a reason. Money is what runs the world and let’s face it- we all just want to be millionaires. If you’re someone who is still trying to find themselves and are looking for some #CareerInspo, we’ve got something in store for you.

Here’s a list of 7 professions that are better paying than your average engineer/software developer jobs. Keeping in mind that while some of these cash in on the ‘luck’ factor, some need you to be witty/interesting enough to grab the spotlight. Ready to find your dream job? Then start considering these 7 alternate career choices:


This had to be on the list, hadn’t it? PewDiePie, the highest-paid YouTuber in 2017 made somewhere around 4 million last year. Yes, it took 6 years to get there, but it was well worth it. Filming yourself gaming is the dream, isn’t it?

Software Architect 

What do software architects do, you ask? In brief, they design software for various devices. One of the highest paying jobs in the tech world today, the average pay lies somewhere between 25-30 lakhs depending on where you search, while a top paying position might earn you twice of that! Again, this won’t make you an instant millionaire, but you will get there eventually!

Professional Gambler

Here’s the good stuff, right. This is a job that could actually make you an instant millionaire. Yes, it’s risky but you can start with almost no capital. Remember, the greater the risk, the greater the reward.

App Designer

The Flappy Bird creator was making $50,000 a day before he took the app down because it got to be too much for him. If your app goes viral, it’s the easiest way to millionaire-dom!

Stock Market Trader

When you are buying and selling stocks themselves or for a firm, you’re open to a world of money! It’s all about correct predictions and a little bit of luck.

Instagram Celebrity 

Still a new trend for the Indian market, the ‘Instagram influencer’ tag is finally making its presence felt. If you’ve got the goods, flaunt them on Instagram and you can make as much as Rs 15k/post. Isn’t that easy money?!


Lawyers in India make a whole lotta money, both over and under the table. Corporate attorneys and those maintaining private practices make enough to become millionaires within a year or two.