Valentines Day 2017: Special gift ideas for your boyfriend

Valentines Day 2017: You can gift these gifts to your boyfriend this V-Day. Apart from romantic outings, here is how you can impress your partner.

Who says only boys have to give gifts on Valentine’s Day. This year, if there are any myths, let’s break all of them. Let the year 2017 propagate progressive thinking of the youngsters. Girls should come to the forefront to make this V-Day a special one for their boyfriends.

So for those who are wondering what needs to be done on the special occasion? What should be gifted that can bring an instant smile on the face of their partners? Here are a few ideas that can help you crack the deal with ease. Yes! We have also taken the so-called budget in the mind as well. This is how you can impress your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Virtual Reality Headset – The next big thing

This is one super cool gadget that can make your boyfriend jump in excitement. It’s a fact that most of the boys love gadgets and techie stuff. So, a Virtual Reality headset is one such thing that can impress your partner a lot. You never know that your sweet gesture can land you up on a good date with him!


The emotions are priceless. Nowadays, you don’t have to spend a lot on buying a VR headset. There are a few bright options out there on the online stores.

 Smartphone projector for mobile phones

See gifting a smartphone projector can help you in the long run. Smartphone projectors can be used to watch movies and other Netflix serials that can bring couples closer. The best part is that these projectors can give you a lot of quality time to spend together.


You do not need to hit any nearby theatres . . . book corner seats or go for expensive lounges that can burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, smartphone projector is a one-time investment that can seal the deal. Your dates can be a private affair then.


Who says boys do not love shopping? They do . . . Guys have this craze for new shoes, jeans, and shirts. Gift them a super cool hoodie or a sneaker that can be worn by them and you have won half the battle. Nowadays, there are amazing online stores that can give you diversified options to chose from.


Hit the online market and get the right gift for your boyfriend. If things do not fit the bill, you have the luxury to change them as well.

Perfume and Deodorants

Good fragrance can turn anyone one. So enough of sweaty armpits! Gift your boyfriend an expensive perfume so that whenever you meet them, you want to stay with them forever.


Travelling bags and backpack

If your boyfriend is adventurous, a backpack can be a perfect gift for him. If you love travelling then you should definitely gift your boyfriend this thing because then you can hit the road together.


Adventurous dates are super fun! Girls! Now you know what can bring a smile on your boyfriend’s face.