Valentine's day 2017: Guys take a note! Mumbai girls want dinner dates and chocolates

Guys take a note, Mumbai girls are all about Bollywood style gestures, dinner dates and chocolates

Duniya me aye ho to love kar lo, thoda sa jee lo, thoda thoda mar lo.” The festival of love is here and we are super – excited about it. Painted in the colour of love, the streets are bustling with young love and their confessions of true love.

As youngsters are busy making final preparations to make their special someone feel extra special, we hit the streets of Mumbai to find out what the Mumbai girls want from their boyfriends on this Valentine’s Day. During our trip around the city, we interacted with a lot of young ladies and found out surprising differences in the likes and dislike of the Mumbai girls and the Delhi girls. While Delhi girls are all about honesty and loyalty, Mumbai girls want a ‘filmy istyle‘ day full of red roses, chocolates and dinner dates.

Apart from the ones who had a perfect rendezvous planned with their boyfriends/partners, the singles in Mumbai had interesting plans for this day. From chilling out friends to celebrating the day with their family to binge eating, Mumbai girls had it all figured out. When we asked about the expectations that the Mumbai girls had from their boyfriends on Valentine’s Day, we saw Bollywood-style dreams echoing in their ideas and expectations.

From long drives to chocolates and flowers to a candle light dinner and proposal filled with red roses, Mumbai girls are all about grand gestures.

But that’s just the sweet side. When we asked the Mumbai girls how would they react if their boyfriends ditched them on the V-day, most girls had a pretty clear idea of how they would react. So, if you are dating a Mumbai girl, beware, as these ladies don’t accept anything less than ‘special’ and ‘magical’ from their boyfriends.

– Deven N Lad