Valentines Day 2017: Delhi girls vs Mumbai girls- Whom should you date?

Who would you pick- the jazzy Mumbai girl who can charm you with her 'Bollywood ishtyle' theatrics or the peppy Delhi girl who has a penchant for carrying simplicity with style

Time’s up folks as Valentine’s day is here. Everyone is either busy in the last minute preparations to celebrate the day of love with their special someone or is on a look-out to confess their feelings to their ‘one true love’. In one corner, a handsome hunk is planning grand gestures to make his lady love feel all special, in some other corner, a shy boy-next-door-ish kinda guy is wondering how to find out if that cute girl living next door likes him or not?

Amid what’s said and what remains in the heart, a question that looms inside the mind of a young lad is– if he should date someone or enjoy his singledom. And if you happen to be in one of the two most popular cities of India– New Delhi and Mumbai– you would have many girls secretly crushing on you. So, whom should you pick– the jazzy Mumbai girl who can charm you with her ‘Bollywood ishtyle’ theatrics or the peppy Delhi girl who has a penchant for carrying simplicity with style?

The choice between the divas from these two cities is anything but easy.

Ahead of the Valentine’s Day, we hit the roads of the national capital– New Delhi and the financial capital of the country– Mumbai, to find out what the girls from each city think about the festival of love. From quirky question exploring how would the girls from these cities react if their boyfriends ditched them on the v-day to their expectations, we went asking young girls about their idea of love. And as expected, these divas didn’t fail to impress us.

During our trip, we found that Delhi girls had no expectations from their partners on v-day and would probably go for a minimalistic reaction if at all they reacted to their boyfriends ditching them on the day. They vouch for non-materialistic values like loyalty and honesty over popular gifts like chocolates and flowers that are a big hit during Valentine’s season.

Mumbai girls on the other hand like flavour in love and want their partners to make them feel special with romantic dates and surprises. A day of togetherness is all that these girls ask for on v-day.

But that’s not it. While Delhi girls might give you a free pass if you plan to bail out on v-day, Mumbai girls are all about kicking asses if at all you dare to defy the golden rule in the book of love.

So if you’re the kind of guy who is not into grand gestures and loves simplicity, go for the Delhi girl as she’s both homely and outgoing. However, if you’re looking for some spice in life, pick the Mumbai girl, as she’ll never fail to dazzle you with her style. As far as the rest of you are concerned, well, you won’t have an easy time either, as no matter where she resides, she’s bound to have these qualities. So, who would you pick?