Valentines Day 2017: Here is how you can make V-Day special for your girlfriend, for your boyfriend!

While you can choose to splurge on your beloved some of the time, there are many easy ways to make Valentine's Day special even on a shoestring budget.

There are times when plans of the Valentine’s Day can burn a hole in your pocket. You want to do so many things but still you can’t because of the budget. There are times when you want to be as expressive as possible but rose is not the only thing that your partner want. In fact, with so many malls, shops and online shopping marts promoting gift items, it is hard to resist spending all your money for just this one time.

But it is not that tricky to avoid spending loads of dough just for this one evening if you are short on money this time around. While you can choose to splurge on your beloved some of the time, there are many easy ways to make V-Day special without it being too hard for your pocket.

Make the morning special


Wake up earlier than usual, and play some soft romantic music. Make your partner a lovely breakfast in bed with his/her favourite kind of cereal, sandwiches etc. Add a little love note to the breakfast tray telling him/her how much you adore them, and how beautiful you think they are. Starting the day with a positive note is the surefire way to make valentine’s extra special for your loved one.

Buy small amounts of what you really want to gift

Everything that you wanted to buy for your beloved, buy just a small amount and share it. It is always the little things and the gestures that matter most. Instead of a dozen roses and a dozen chocolates, get only one of each and share the love between you two. Instead of diamonds and gold, take your girl out for junk shopping in your city. Go window shopping at a mall and plan all the little buys you will make in your future together.

Cozy up

Instead of going out on an expensive date, cuddle up on your sofa to watch your favourite romantic movies with homemade popcorn and cola. Light up some candles all around and make the atmosphere in your home even more romantic by playing a playlist of your partner’s favourite music tracks. Don’t forget to order your favourite meal.

Take a romantic hike


Drive down to a place with some natural beauty all around like an archaeological park or a trail around your city. Take a walk in the green discovering wildflowers and forgotten trails between the woods. Between the chirping and fluttering of birds and butterflies, make this day one of the most memorable time of your lives. Take a picnic basket along with some sheets to sit on to make it even more romantic.

Go handmade

Don’t buy gifts this time and go for handmade things for your love. Paint old mason jars and add ribbons etc. to make them into vases and/or knick knack jars. Use old boxes to keep old love letters or write new ones to fill them up. Make homemade candles with vegetable shortening or wax crayons to make your evening special.