Travel Diaries: Seychelles-An exotic escape to nature

Do you think you are badly in need of a vacation because of your hectic schedule? This place is the perfect answer that will leave you spell bounded

Your office and the citified life might have kept you busy all this while and that one particular Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara kind of break is all you need. You must be planning a vacation and have come across an endless number of places that can be your next travel destination but then that particular list has been nothing but a few predictable names on the paper. It’s time you discover the undiscover and here is one option that can lead you to pack your bags right away! It is none other than the country Seychelles.

Seychelles also called the Republic of Seychelles is a group of 115 beautiful and exotic islands in the Indian ocean. Situated in one of the topical regions of the world, the island nation boasts of some evergreen flora and nature reserves. The picturesque locations of the country will leave spell bounded. On top of that, you have numerous beautiful beaches to keep you all in awe of the beauty and you can hit the beaches, sit back with a book and can cheirsh the mother nature’s beauty. Still not convinced? Here is why Seychelles should be on your vacation list.



The capital city Victoria



The city is one of the most beautiful cities you might have ever come across. The architectural style of the houses and commercial buildings is a replica to French and British architecture. The criss-cross streets and the beautiful social joints are a must visit.( Tip: Make sure to carry clothes keeping the tropical climate in mind!)

National Botanical Gardens of Seychelles

The evergreen national reserves and the huge biodiversity of flora and fauna are the hallmarks of the botanical garden. It is said that the wood of the Takamaka coconut tree is quite costly. It is one of the expensive things in the world. The biodiversity is a home to several exotic tropical plants.

Unesco World Heritage Site-Aldabra Atoll


Aldabra Atoll is a place of four coral islands and interestingly, only seven people are allowed to visit the site on any given day. If the luck is on your side, then you might get to be one of them. The heritage site is captivating. Another feature that makes this place a ‘must visit‘ is the fact that it is home to Aldabran giant tortoise who have a life span of nearly 250 years.

The Victoria Clock Tower 

(Courtesy: YouTube|Tombo1206)

Erected in 1903, Clock Tower is visited the most as it is the focal center of the town. The clock was made in the memorial of Queen Victoria. It is an exact replica of the one erected in London and that makes it one of the highly visited sites in Seychelles.

North East Point Beach



Good News! All the beaches in Seychelles are open to the public and the North East Point Beach is one of the most popular beaches. It is popular with tourists and you can engage in a lot of sports activity like surfing.

Beau Vallon beach

(Courtesy:YouTube|Seyvillas, your Seychelles expert)

Beau Vallon Beach is one of the most popular beaches out there and even ranks in the top ten categories of best beaches of the world.

Morne Blanc

(Courtesy: YouTube|Bharyour)

Known for giving breathtaking panoramic views of the landscape and the exotic Indian Ocean, Morne Blanc is the highest peak in the country. You should definitely visit Morne Blanc to catch a glimpse of how beautiful mother nature is.

It’s time you make a visit to Seychelles

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