Happy New Year 2017: Top 5 beaches in Goa to welcome New Year with a bang!

New Year is all celebration. It's all about partying, dancing and having a great time. Here are 5 beaches of Goa where you must celebrate your New Year.

Before it’s time to ride the New Year train and enter a new world (read: year), we must make a hell of a journey of what has yet remained. And for that, the beaches in Goa are waiting for you, my friend. From kissing your sweetheart or dancing with a stranger in serenity to partying hard with friends, Goa has it all. It’s all about happiness, tranquility, fun and booze (lots of it!). So, it’s time to get into the beast mode and celebrate. Get ready for an implosion of feelings, of love, nostalgia, and hope. Here are five beaches which you must visit on New Year to have an exhilarating experience:

Anjuna Beach

If you are a trance lover, Anjuna beach is for you. Dive into the placid environment of this place and imagine a rusty beach shack with a cool rooftop at Curlies, where poolside parties are a big hit. Anjuna still retains the hippie’s charm with psychedelic and dope ambience. Also, if you want to get high, Shiva Valley is certainly for you. Celebrate your New Year in trance at Anjuna.
Perfect For: Trance Lovers
Why: Curlies and Shiva valley

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Ashwem Beach

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If you are someone who likes to celebrate New Year in peace, Ashwen Beach is waiting for you. You can take a stroll with your sweetheart or sit on the rocks and gaze at the sky together. This beach is far from the humdrum of the city and is a good escape if you are just looking to unwind and have a good time. Trust me; it would be extremely beautiful and divine to spend your New Year with just you and your sweetheart, a bonfire barbeque and the beach.
For: Couples, Anti-party people
Why: Serenity, peace, and isolation

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Baga Beach

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One of the most commercial beaches of Goa, Baga can offer you a lot if you like to party. It’s very happening with all the great eateries, markets, clubs, and casinos. So indulge in sumptuous delicacies, mingle with amazing crowd and let that party animal out.
For: Party Animals
Why: Full-blown New Year parties

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Arambol Beach

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This beach attracts foreigners and nomads or alternate travelers for its natural bohemian feel and hippy culture. Also, beach shacks are economical so you can stay on budget and yet get the feel exquisite and vibrant. This beach hosts many night parties and has a great music scene. You can also enjoy water adventures like parasailing and dolphin spotting. Spend your New Year at Arambol, if you want to enter 2017 with lots of fun and yet less hoopla.
For: Hippies
Why: Distinct bohemian feel

Palolem Beach

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Imagine white sand in your toes and a cold beer in hand, and happily grooving to the titillating music. Seriously, Palolem Beach has it all. If you want to stay away from the loud parties, silent noise parties are a big thing at Palolem. You can enjoy without hampering the tranquility of the shore. If you want to dance your heart out and party till wee hours and watch magical fireworks at the countdown, Palolem is for you.
For: Everybody
Why: Fireworks, Beach Shacks, Silent Parties

So, party insane in the Las Vegas of India, and welcome the New Year with a bang!