Are you afraid of traveling due to demonetisation? Here's why you shouldn't be!

No matter how hard demonetisation has impacted your lives, you just can't stop chasing your love for traveling due to it. Here's how you can tackle its effect while on a vacation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation scheme has taken a toll on several aspects of our lives including the traveling part as well. Not only the foreigners even the localites who have a passion for traveling have been hit hard by the implementation of the scheme.

For those who were excited to head out to a nearby location and couldn’t do it because of demonetisation, we have come up with a few handy tips that can help you travel easily within India. It’s time to say ‘Bye-Bye’ to the tension.

Traveling Demonetisation

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Yes, we know you still have not got your hands on the new currency and the only time you saw it was on Television channels and friend’s pockets! Don’t worry we got you covered!

For starters, try booking packages beforehand to ensure that your travel agent is still accepting credit/debit cards as well. This will help you in planning your entire trip.

Book packages in advance!

Before heading to your destination, book a package that should ideally include your basic costs. For example, food, lodging etc. This will keep you sorted for the rest of your vacation time.

Go online, go cashless!

The trend is set to increase in the coming days but one sector where it can be effectively put to use is the tourism sector. Pay through your debit/credit card beforehand. Also as we mentioned earlier, do cross-check whether your travel agent is willing to receive money through credit/debit cards. Book online and stay happy!

Cab services and their cashless transactions

Look for cab services that cater to your need and not vice-versa. There are several cab services like Ola, Uber etc who can accept money through your phone rather than hard cash.

Handy Mobile wallet apps

It’s time to put your apps like Freecharge and Paytm to use.  Paying by such apps can be useful and can keep you tension free.

Identify Banks and ATM’s in your traveling destination

In case you still love paying with cash, or you think that a dire need has come where you can only pay with cash, you should be prepared well in advance. Mark all the banks and ATMs present in your destination location.

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Stay prepared for emergency….Always!

Do carry your power bank as that can come handy if your phone battery is about to die and you have to pay online. Also, keep multiple coupons (if possible) of various restaurants or dining locales that can come handy. Look for restaurants and eating joints that offer a card swipe facility.

This is how we feel that your passion for traveling can be less impacted if you keep such points in mind.

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