These 7 are the most expensive toilets in the world. The costliest one will blow your mind

There are Arab kings that buy diamond encrusted toilets and while our list isn't that extravagant, here's a list of the most expensive commercial toilets on the planet:

What’s the piece of decor that you’ve spent a large amount on? An expensive painting? Your couch? Flat screen TV? How bout’ your toilet? Never really thought about toilet as decor, right? We’re here to change that! While the term ‘luxury toilet’ seems pretty bougy and sounds like the last thing you’d want to spend a fortune on, there are people spending thousands and lakhs of rupees on their toilets! We mean, all of us spend 15 mins on it every day (make it an hour if you’re looking at memes), so why not make the experience as luxurious as it can be, right?

There are Arab kings and Chinese billionaires that get gold and diamond encrusted toilet seats for themselves and while our list isn’t that extravagant, we’ve compiled a list of the most ridiculously expensive commercial toilets on the planet. Get ready to scream holy sheeit:

IntiMist, Rs 32,000 just for the seat!

Pegged as the world’s best electronic seat, the Intimist isn’t an entire pot, but just a toilet seat with multiple functions like control panels, hot air blowers, temperature controlled water and remote controls! P.S: There’s an inbuilt massager too. You’re probably going to watch all your movies sitting on this!

Here is how the seat works:

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Neo-Metro’s Metro Urban Toilet- Rs 1.6 lakh

This is completely made of stainless steel and is available in silver, bronze, gold and a few other colors. This piece is perfect for people who want their washrooms to look modern and chic. Mostly used for commercial buildings and pubs, this toilet has recently found its way into people’s homes too!

Here’s what the blue prototype looks like:

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Starck C by Duravit- Rs 1.9 lakh

Not just aesthetics, Starck C is the whole package! It has temperature controlled water, hidden lines and wires for a stylish look, a dual flush and a “completely seamless” bidet.

Here’s how it works:

Kohler Numi intelligent toilet- Rs 6.5 lakh

This is probably the most aesthetic toilet you’ll ever see. With a bright LED light, this toilet boasts of everything the IntiMist has, and so much more! Lumi has wireless Bluetooth music sync capability and a foot warmer. So basically it massages you and plays your music. And oh, it has an aux cable too. Throw away your iPods and JBLs and get this instead.

Here’s the beauty at work:

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Toto Neorest 600- Rs 2.5 lakh

Toto is a trusted name in the world of plumbing and the Neorest proves why! It has a cyclone flushing system, remote controlled operation, air deodorizer,  front and rear warm water washer/dryer and a temperature controlled sear!

Here’s Live demo:

Dagobert Toilet Throne by Herbeau- Rs 10 lakh!

Want a toilet seat that is prettier than your couch? Get the Dagobert Toilet Throne! It’s not just a toilet, it’s superbly hand crafted sanitary ware made of the finest Teak and Mahogany. This piece is described ‘whimsical’ and has a pull-the-chain flush. And oh, as soon as you lift the lid it plays royal music, i.e, Le bon roi Dagobert- an old french song.

International Space Station Toilet, A whopping Rs 100 crore!

Yes, the most expensive toilet on the planet isn’t even on the planet! Built by Russia for the International Space Station, this space toilet has leg braces to keep the astronauts properly positioned. It also contains fans that suck all of the waste into a septic tank and an extremely advanced filter then extracts water from the waste and purifies it for drinking and bathing! Phew!

We know you really want to know how this one works:

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