Tired of tying your shoe laces? Nike Mag is what you need!

Nike's Adaptive Fit system senses the user and tightens or loosens accordingly

Nike has released a new product and it is creating buzz on social media. If you are tired of tying your laces all throughout the day and have been hoping for some miracle, then here’s some good news. Nike has answered your prayers.

Nike and the Michael J Fox Foundation have launched a limited edition of 2016 Nike Mag that has only 89 pairs available globally. The unique selling proposition of Nike’s product – Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, is that it automatically laces and fits the user’s foot. With their product, the shoe line has taken a step forward in introducing adaptive footwear for athletes.

A version of the shoes that was built in 2011 for the Michael J Fox Foundation, had raised $10 million in 10 days through auction. All the funds were used in research for the cure of Parkinson’s disease. Nike’s new product also aims at creating awareness in the fight against the disease.

Mark Parker, CEO of Nike, Inc, said on the website, “Though it initially shared only a few seconds of screen time with Michael, the idea behind the Nike Mag unlocked something much bigger at Nike. It sent us down an uncharted path of innovation, but it also opened our eyes to our ability to fight some of the world’s biggest challenges. We feel privileged for the opportunity to raise even more awareness for the fight against Parkinson’s.”

WATCH: All you need to know about Nike Mag

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The 2016 Nike Mag, owing to its Adaptive Fit system, senses the user and tightens or loosens accordingly.

The limited edition release of 89 pairs is majorly available to residents of the Unites States and Canada through a digital draw process. One can register for the draw via nike.com/mag or via the Nike+ App. Each ticket is a $10 donation to The Michael J Fox Foundation. The more tickets a person purchases, the better chances he/she has to win a pair of 2016 Nike Mag. The draw will end on October 11, 2016, and the winners will be declared on October 17, 2016.

Apart from the draw, a pair of Nike Mag will be auctioned live in Hong Kong, London, and New York. The auction in Hong Kong will take place on October 11, 2016, while the auction in London will be on October 14 and in New York on November 12. All the funds will be used in research for the cure of Parkinson’s disease.