This handsome IPS Officer is cuter than SRK and Salman combined!

This one's definitely a good cop.

The internet is a crazy place where almost anyone can turn into a viral sensation overnight. We’ve seen chaiwalahs, criminals and homeless people who went from 0 to 100 real quick, all thanks to going viral on social media. Now, an IPS officer from Madhya Pradesh has caught the Internet’s fancy because of his drop-dead gorgeous looks that’d easily give major competition to our beloved Bollywood stars!

Meet Sachin Atulkar, an IPS officer from Ujjain, with thousands of followers on Facebook! He has tons of loyal followers who like and support every single thing he posts and want his autographs!

So what is his story? He joined the forces when he was 22 and cleared IPS exams in his first attempt! He has also played cricket on a national level. He is a master of both sports and yoga and has won numerous accolades in both the fields. He loves being fit and exercises daily to maintain his physique. Pretty talented, eh? It all started when IPS Sachin posted a picture from the IPS MEET 2017 in April, which garnered around 15,000 likes! His fan following just kept increasing and from being a local celeb in Ujjain to becoming a national heartthrob, Sachin Atulkar has come a long way! Each of his pictures goes viral with people praising this real life hero!

You can checkout his Facebook Page right here

And it’s not just his Facebook account that is blowing up, his videos on YouTube get loads of views too!

Congratulations social media, you finally found your real life hero!