This Halloween, spook your friends in Hollywood style

Time to have some coz its Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and people have already started to gear up for the big day by planning parties and buying trick-or-treat candies. While the convention is to dress up in a quirky costume, playing pranks on your friends and family and partying hard, we thought of making this Halloween fun.

So, here are five ways you can spook your friends in Hollywood style:

The Dark Knight Joker mask

Joker, Amazon

Joker (photo: Amazon)

Heath Ledger immortalised ‘Joker’ in our hearts forever. His portrayal not only popularised the character but also created an image that made Joker seem scarier than he was. Halloween is a good time to freak your friends out using a Joker mask. Best thing is that the mask is available on So hurry up!


The Harry Potter Dementor

Dementor, Halloween

Dementor (Photo: Twitter/Zac Cruger

A Wisconsin-based man recently spooked out the city by flying a dementor-ish figure via a drone. Taking a page from the Harry Potter series was wicked and it sure did terrify the people. You too can try out something similar.

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The Annabelle Doll

Annabelle, Halloween

Annabelle (Photo: Twitter/Frndzzy)

If Conjuring wasn’t enough, Annabelle terrified people to the level where they were scared of dolls. Taking inspiration from House of the Wax and Annabell, you too can gift a friend an Annabelle doll at mid-night and see the colours fade away.


Scooby Doo skeleton

Skeleton, Halloween

Skeleton (Photo: Pixabay)

Scooby Doo will always be one of our favourite cartoons. All the ghosts and zombies were so much fun to watch! If you want to keep your Halloween prank scary yet simple, a plastic skeleton dancing on the doorsteps of your friend at midnight is what we recommend.


Game of Thrones White Walker mask

White Walker, Halloween

White Walker (Photo: Amazon)

The people now-a-day are divided into two groups- the ones who watch Game of Thrones and the ones who don’t. So, if you too are a GoT fan, a White-Walker mask is all you need. Good thing is that the mask is available on