These Quora threads highlight everything that's wrong with the North Vs South India fight

These Quora threads that showed how misinformed people are in terms of what happens in the North and South and how easy it is for people to propagate hate towards the other community.

It’s 2017 and for some weird, unexplainable reason, North India Vs South India is still a thing. We get that India is a very diverse country but why do we need to bring in this notion of North Indians, South Indians etc. We’re Indians and as far as we know, the country is supposed to function as one unit. It’s our country, right? Even though we’d like to believe that people have moved on from the whole ‘which race is better’ competition, they haven’t. We stumbled upon some Quora threads that showed how misinformed people are in terms of what happens in the North and South and how easy it is for people to propagate hate towards the other community. Honestly, it saddens us so much.

Let’s take a look of some of these horrible questions, and equally appalling answers (Warning: Major facepalms ahead):

Question 1: Why are North Indians so rude and always in a hurry?

Seriously?! Why would you attribute a person’s behaviour with the region he’s from? What has hastiness and rudeness got to do with being North Indian or South Indian? Maybe you talked to one North Indian once who was rude, (probably) because they were a hurry (maybe rushing to a meeting? really wanted to poop?). How can an entire race be in a hurry — they’re people, not ants! HOW on earth does this question make sense?



Question 2: Why are North Indian girls more stylish?

HOW does your region have any affect your personal style? Why oh why must we be this racist, self-loathing society?


We still don’t understand why this ‘North Indians are westernized’ stereotype is a thing and how does being westernized imply that people have given up their morals and loathe their culture?

Umm, 1897 called. They want their mindset back.

Question 3: Why are urban North Indians more westernized than urban South Indians?

When it comes to the urban youth, how westernized a person is has nothing to do with which region of the country they’re living in, it’s a matter of person’s choice.

The answers:

Let the facepalms begin: North Indians are snobbish, proud and materialistic. The fact that people can stereotype a particular community to this extent where they’re stating that the entire community is cultureless, is horrifying. You don’t have to be a part of a specific part of India to be ill-mannered. The entire country has its share of ill-mannered people and regional affiliation has nothing to do with it. Unless you have any meaningful statistical data, don’t go around spewing hatred!

‘North Indians love degrading others and have no morals.’ How brainwashed do you have to be to actually believe in something like this and to write something like on a public platform?

Question 4: Why are North Indians afraid of moving to South India?

Shifting to a different location, anywhere on the planet, is scary. It’s not a North-South thing!


We’re glad the user decided to delete the answer. The fact that it’s 2017 and we’re still discussing which race is better irks us SO much!

Question 5: Why are most North Indian males so impudent?

Okay, here’s a lesson:

Some People are impudent. All Indians are People.
Some Indians are impudent. All North Indians are Indians.
Some North Indians are impudent.

Being from a specific region doesn’t make people impudent.


Hating an entire community based on one personal experience is as low as you can go.

Question 6: Why are South Indians so conservative and confined to the Southern states?

Where do people get these statistics from?


What did we learn today kids? The more Tamil you are, the angrier you are. Seriously?

For everyone who is a part of the North Vs South war, can ya’ll just peace out?

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