These Halloween food ideas aren't yummy!

It's time serve something spooky!

It’s party time guys! With Halloween just around the corner, people have already started to gear up for one of the most happening events of the year. From ghosts and goblins to zombies and mummies, everyone is invited to the party (yikes!).

If you happen to be the one hosting the Halloween party this year, here are some delicacies that will make your guests cringe:

Chicken Patty served with Human Skeleton


Chicken patty with Skeleton (Photo: Facebook/Atchuup)

Halloween is the only time of the year when you can be a bit mischievous while serving food to your guests. While chicken salami with chicken patty is ideal for starters, serving them with bread and dummy skeleton with set the right mood for your party.

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The Pirate Sausages


Pirate Sausages (Photo: Facebook/Atchuup)

Are you planning a pirate-themed party? Well, what better way to set your dinner table than a pirate-head served with ribs and sausages.

Monster Meatloaf


Monster meatloaf (Photo: Facebook/Atchuup)

Serving bread and meat is so old-fashioned. It’s time to give food a twist of taste and what better way to do it than a meat loaf that mimics the monsters that you saw in the scary movies from yesteryears.

Tip: use onions or boiled eggs for the eyes!

Ghost Sandwiches


Ghost Sandwiches (Photo: Facebook/Atchuup)

If you are looking for something that will keep your party going, here’s a dish that you can make in no time. Just cut the cheese slices in shape of monsters and bake!

Strawberry Ghosts


Strawberry Ghosts (Photo: Facebook/Atchuup)

Strawberries dipped in chocolate are always fun to eat but they’re also boring. To make your strawberries spooky, dip them in white chocolate and use brown chocolate chips to make eyes. Ta-da!


Monster Eyes


Monster Eyes (Photo: Facebook/Atchuup)

What if you had eyes on your dining table? Eyes that you could eat (Whaaaat!)? Well, the easiest way of making monster-eyes involves three ingredients- tomato slices, cream cheese, and olives.


Zombie-Finger Hotdogs


Zombie-finger hotdogs (Photo: Facebook/Atchuup)

If you think hot dogs can’t be fun, think again. Some sausages with a dash of blood, ahem, I mean ketchup and you’re good to go.


Frankenstein’s Brain


Frankenstein’s brain (Photo: Facebook/Atchuup)

Everyone loves pasta. It’s delicious and easy to make. What if you could serve Frankenstein’s brain instead? Just arrange your elbow macaroni pasta in shape of a brain and load it with cheese.


Alien Eyeballs


Alien Eyeballs (Photo: Facebook/Atchuup)

If you’re a cartoon fan, it’s time to take a page out of your favourite cartoon (my favourite: Scooby doo) and turn it into something edible. Who said lollipops couldn’t be fun?


Alien Fruit Punch


Alien Fruit Punch (Photo: Facebook/Atchuup)

All this talk about food is making me thirsty. Time to have some fruit punch. Oh! wait, there’s an alien inside.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started!