Your meanest friend is the one who actually cares the most about you

A recent study states that the friend who is the meanest to you is the one who actually cares the most about you! Why? Find out!

Is your best friend always sweet to you? Well then there’s some bad news: They might not be your best after all! Forget emotions, a recent research published in Psychology Science says people who have a tendency to be blunt and make you experience adverse emotions, do so because they think that the impact of those emotions will be beneficial to you down the road. In simple words, if your friend is mean to you and tells it like it is, they probably care for you more than the ones who sugar coat everything and tell you what you want to hear!

The research, which was done at the University of Plymouth by psychologist Belén López-Pérez, consisted of 140 participants in two groups. Pérez concluded the study stating that in most cases our closest friend will inflict pain onto us just to help us make better decisions, even if it isn’t beneficial to them at all.

Is your friend brutally honest about everything? They just might be your best friend!

In an interview, López-Pérez was quoted saying “We have shown that people can be cruel to be kind. In simpler words, they may decide to make someone feel worse if this emotion is beneficial for that other person, even if this does not entail any personal benefit for them.”

Yes, people can also be mean for ulterior motives such as boosting their ego or just to feel superior to you, but being honest and blunt is a trait found in people who really care about their friends and don’t want them to mess up.

So the next time your friend tells you how that guy/girl you have a major crush on isn’t right for you, don’t be mad at them. Give them a tight hug for being a true friend instead!

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