Valentine's Day 2017 special: Delhi girls want loyalty but love their freedom as well

Loyalty and honesty in commitment and freedom in singledom is what the Delhi are all about

Valentine’s Day is here and we can’t get enough of the young love that is busy making preparations. for the big day. The markets are full of goodies that are in perfect sync with the theme of ‘Pyar, Ishq and Mohabbat‘, that seem to have taken the world by a sentimental storm.

While on one hand, couples are planning a romantic day together, on the other hand, singles too have plans of celebrating this day with a twist of fate. As the day of love inches closer, we decided to hit the streets of Delhi to find out what the girls from the national capital think about this day.

As we went around the city asking young girls about what their expectations were from their boyfriends, a surprising number of young ladies said that they had no expectations from their boyfriends at all. Another theme that emerged from our conversations with the youngsters was of ‘loyalty’. Almost all the young ladies said that they would their partners to remain honest with them.

When we asked them how they would react if their partners dumped them on the Valentine’s Day, most girls insisted on having no reaction at all, while some suggested that they would set the score.

Apart from the ones who were in a relationship, an astonishing number of singles too  gave us deep insights into their v-day plans. Chilling out with friends remained an all-time-favourite of all. On probing about the biggest advantage of being single, Delhi girls cheered for the freedom that singledom brought.