Matched with someone out of your league on Tinder? 5 ways to play it cool

How do you strike the perfect balance and play it cool without messing it up with this out-of-your-league unicorn? Checkout our list:

The dating game has never been easy, especially if you’re trying to get with someone way out of your league. We know you’ve been Tindering around for a while now. What’s that? You just matched with someone who’s perfect? The entire package? Funny and hot? Don’t wanna f**k this up, do you? Thankfully, you’ve got us.

Acting desperate never looks good, especially when it comes to dating. Being the Ice King/Queen isn’t ideal either, cause playing it cool might leave you frozen out in the cold! So what should you do? How do you strike the perfect balance and also play it cool without messing it up with this out-of-your-league unicorn? Read our list of 5 simple ways you can make an amazing impression and swipe them right off their feet (swipe right. Get it?):

The perfect balance

Don’t text them every two hours no matter how much you wanna talk. It’s too much- the constant calls and texts are not welcome. Don’t text them once in a week either — this will lead them to believe that you’re not interested. Leave a text asking them what’s up once in 2/3 days and make plans to meet them once a week. That’s the ideal amount.

Share it right

During the first few weeks, don’t go overboard and share everything about your life! Give them details about yourself, not the entire history of you. There is nothing as unattractive as someone with verbal diarrhea who just poops out useless information about his exes and heartbreaks.

So..what are we?

Don’t pop the question before a few months. DO NOT. The other person might not be sure about you yet, or they might need some time to think about your “relationship”. Stay chill, my dudes.

The green monster

If you want to make them like you, tease them a little about people crushing on you but don’t go overboard with the green monster. If you go overboard with the hoeing around snaps and Instagram posts, people tend to think of you as one-time dating person.

Control freak

Don’t ask them to change things about their personality and behave like a control freak within a few weeks of meeting them. At the same time, don’t let them think that they’re in control of whatever happens between you two. Cut the calls first and end the dates first to remind them that even though you’re interested, you don’t let your dates take over your life.

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