7 types of kisses and what do they mean: A dummies guide

The way people kiss tells a lot about how they feel about you. Know the different kinds of kisses and what they really mean!

In case you don’t know, today is International Kiss Day. Yup, we have a day dedicated to kissing :-*. Every year July 6 is celebrated as the International Kiss Day and encourages everyone to appreciate the importance of it. Kiss is the rawest and purest form of physical affection. And every kiss means something different, depending on its type. Kissing is probably the most intimate thing that two people can do and is the closest thing to a magical experience. From the playful teasing kiss to a highly arousing, racy kiss to just a simple greeting– a kiss can mean so many things. No matter whether you are on your first date when butterflies flutter in your stomach or you have been together for ages, a kiss can never fail to brighten the day. Don’t you agree?  This article is not about #101 Tips on How To Kiss because when it comes to kissing, practice makes you perfect ;). It is about the different types of kisses and what they mean.

Forehead Kiss – ” I care about you.”

A kiss on the forehead is a gentle expression of showing that they care. It also means that they genuinely admire you. It may mean an affectionate friendship or romantic interest.

Shah Rukh Khan forehead kiss

Shah Rukh Khan forehead kiss (Photo: Screenshot)

French Kiss- ” I feel good when I am with you.”

A timeless kind of kiss, this involves the participants getting involved within each other. While French kiss is not difficult to grab, it may take you a long time to master the art. The trick to a passionate kiss is to just go with the flow.

Befikre Trailer Indian Express Photo For InUth

Lingering Kiss- “I want you.”

It is basically lip to lip kiss between two people for a long period of time. It is a subtle yet passionate way of expressing desire and is generally a common kind of kiss between coy, new couples.

lingering kiss Bollywood

lingering kiss Bollywood

Eskimo Kiss- “You make me smile.”

An interesting name for this kiss because in colder countries, the Eskimos kiss with their noses so that their lips would not freeze. It involves rubbing your nose with your partner back and forth to show affection. It is also the common kind of kiss between little kids and their parents.

Single Lip Kiss- “I can’t get enough of you.”

This involves kissing either upper or lower lip, sandwiching it between your lips and it means that you just can’t get enough of your partner. It is a way frisking way of letting the other one know that you are really into them.

katrina kaif kissing shahrukh khan in jab tak hai jaan

katrina kaif kissing shahrukh khan in jab tak hai jaan

Keep-away Kiss- “I like to play around with you.”

It is a type of kiss where you lean in for a kiss and pull away when they kiss you back and then instead of kissing, one nibble gently on the lips. It is a playful and teasing way to almost-kiss by keeping them wanting more.

A Hickey- “You’re mine.”

A sexy way to show some love by gently giving a love bite to their neck. Give your partner something to remember!