Here's what your choice in chocolates says about your choice in men

Chocolates help release happy hormones called endorphins, which are also released while having sex

After diamonds, chocolates are a woman’s next best friend. Chocolates provide solace and a feel-good sensation. It has been proven scientifically that they are the perfect comfort foods. Chocolates help release hormones called endorphins which elevate your happiness. Interestingly, that is similar to the chemical reaction in your brain while you are sexually aroused.

Speaking of sexual arousal, did you know that chocolates speak a lot about your preference in men? Well, they do! Whether you prefer the rich dark chocolate, the sophisticated white, or the regular milk chocolate, it is all linked to what kind of men you like. Here is how the two seemingly disconnected things are actually associated.

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If you prefer dark chocolates, you’re probably more inclined towards stronger men. Any man who can take care of himself (and you), is your man. He makes you feel safe and protected and would guard you with his life. He’s the kind of man you can blindly lean on.

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If you seem to like milk chocolates then your man is one of those cute guys who can melt your heart by just looking at them. He’s the perfect, dreamy guy who literally glows and knows his way around romancing you. He’s sweet too and will actually make you fall head-over-heels in love with him.

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The preference of white chocolate has been associated with liking more sophisticated men. The man of your dreams is elegant, probably from a rich, cultured background who has a more refined taste. He’s well read, opinionated and can teach you a thing or two about the goings-on around the world.

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Like a bit of a nutty, wafery twist in your chocolates? If yes then, your man is one of those people who can mix things up a bit. He can flirt, he can make you laugh and he knows how to be naughty at just the right time. Life is exciting with him and needless to say, you’ll be completely satisfied when you’re with him.