11 facts about condoms that we thought were false but are actually true

Did you know women are responsible for 40% of condom sales? Here are a few facts about condoms that you've probably never heard of

The history of condoms is uncertain. Nobody knows exactly around what time did people started using them. But the one thing we are definite about is — condoms are the most important invention by human beings. It is responsible for saving countless lives and saves you from Sexually transmitted diseases. Despite this, you will be shocked to know that only 5% men around the world use condoms. Agreed that many people around the world don’t have an easy access to contraceptives but 5% is too low. We are certainly pro-condoms and so here we are to tell you things that you probably did not know about condoms.

1. Condoms are not just for men. There are condoms for women too. Yes, you heard us! And they are easily available in medical stores. Female condoms are easy to use with a little practice. They prevent pregnancy by covering the inside of the vagina and also protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

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2. Most condoms have a shelf life of 3-5 years when stored in a cool, dry place. It also depends on the manufacturer. Female condoms have a shelf life of 3 years.

3. The earliest depiction of men using condoms is 15000 years old. It is drawn on a wall painting in a cave called Grotte des Combarrelles in France. Men were clearly obsessed with their junk even back then.

4. There are vegan condoms too. Some people take their vegan diet to extremes and strangely this extends to condoms as well. For those who may not know who’s a vegan– it is a person who doesn’t consume any animal product. It’s not just meat but milk, eggs, and honey among others. More often than not, condoms are made from latex, a form of rubber. But most of the latex is actually produced using casein, a milk protein. So there are companies who use cocoa powder instead of casein for vegans.

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5. Condoms are tested by passing electric current. A condom goes through a procedure where they are tested under severe conditions including electric to test for holes and punctures.

6. Most condoms are too big for Indian men. One size certainly doesn’t fit it all and unfortunately, Indian men fall in the lower end of the spectrum. Porn gives us high expectations. Just like all the women are not as good in bed as women in porn, the average Indian men are a bit more ‘humble’ than what is shown.


7. Putting on two condoms is not a good idea. If you think putting on two condoms instead of one can ensure greater protection, you cannot be more wrong. This in facts increases the chance of getting pregnant. The friction between two condoms may actually result in tearing or damaging the condoms letting sperms pass through.

8.The average condom can hold a gallon of liquid. If you underestimated a condom you need to stop. No load can be too big for your condom.


9. ‘Scumbag’ literally means a condom. If you have ever teased friend a by calling them a ‘scumbag’ for something nasty they did, you probably didn’t know the kind of shade you were throwing at them. This term originated in the 1960s and was used as a derogatory term simply meaning semen-filled used condom.

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10. Condoms are most expensive in Ireland at about $18 a box. It also has had legal restrictions on the use of condoms and it’s the cheapest in Shanghai.

11. Condoms don’t really affect how good/bad the sex is. Surveys show that couples were just as satisfied with sex when they used condoms. So if you think sex is less fun when you have a condom on, it’s probably just you. Anyway, condoms give you 98% protection from unwanted pregnancies and STD. “It doesn’t feel good” is not a good enough excuse.

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