Rich Dogs Of Instagram: These photos prove that pups have better lifestyle than humans

The rich puppies of Instagram want private jets, customized play cars and Gucci playthings. Check out how these dogs are living it up:

Remember the good ol’ days when ‘You’re such a dog!’ or ‘Living a dog’s life!’ used to be derogatory terms? Not anymore because Instagram is turning everything around! Since spoilt rich kids riding in their Aventadors whilst flaunting their Guccis and Pradas wasn’t enough, there is now an Instagram page where puggers and doggos can flaunt their good life in front of the commoners and it’s the most adorably snobbish page we’ve ever seen! Gone are the days when dogs would be happy with a small house and a chew toy. These puppies want private jets, customised play cars, and Gucciplaythingss. Think they’re spoilt? We haven’t even begun with the list!

Their bio reads – “The Official Rich Dogs Of Instagram Account. These dogs have more money than you and this is what they do” and once you see pictures of these puppies living their lavish lives, you can’t help but feel just a little bad for yourself (unless you’re living that private jet life too).

Check out how these dogs are living it up all around the globe and try not to cry whilst you’re at it (kindly refrain from checking your account balance too) :

Dog don’t kill my Louis Vuitton:

The rich kids of IG ain’t got nothing on my private jet!

*Looks back* Umm, so you’re travelling in a Honda? Okay…

Business class is pretty ruff. I fly private.

What? Your chew toys aren’t LV?

Isn’t this puppy giving you reincarnation goals?

I got 99 problems but Chanel ain’t food:

You seen my money, fam?

Take a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it!

Puppy poppin’ tags!

A real watch-dog

Poppin’ wheelies today!

Checkout my BMWoofer

Need more? Head to their Instagram account and binge stalk some rich puppies!

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