Raksha Bandhan 2017: Budget gifts that you can present to your brother this Rakhi

For all the sisters who are looking to buy gifts for their brothers this Raksha Bandhan, here are few budget friendly suggestions.

Raksha Bandhan celebrates the bond of love between a sister and a brother. The sister ties a Rakhi on the wrist of her brother as a prayer of prosperity and the brother in return gives a token of love and a promise of protection.

Usually, it’s the brother who gives a gift but that trend has changed and now many sisters too gift presents to their brothers as a token of their love and appreciation. So, for all the sisters who are looking to buy gifts for their brothers, here are few budget friendly suggestions:

1. Watches- Guys do love their watches and there is no better gift for them than a wrist watch. A sporty or classic watch can totally bring a smile to their faces. There are cheap as well as expensive watches and depending on your budget you can spend anywhere between Rs 300 to Rs 2000 on this gift.

Gift Watches

2. Sunglasses- There are not as many gift choices available for men as there are for women, but sunglasses may do the trick. An awesome pair of shades or aviator glasses is a suitable present for men. If you are willing to spend more than Rs 250, then you can purchase this gift either online or from various other shops.


3. Perfumes and Deodorants- Perfumes and deos too make a great gift for guys, especially if you have a teenage brother at home. These are easily available and are quite inexpensive. For all those sisters who have a budget between Rs 200 and Rs 500, you can totally buy this for Raksha Bandhan.

Perfumes and Deodrants

4. Shirts- If you have an older brother an executive shirt will be your best option. A striped, plain or checked shirt can be a good Raksha Bandhan present. With a budget of more than Rs 700, you can easily buy a new shirt for your brother.


5. Ties and cufflinks- This can be a hit or miss game but if your brother usually wears a tie, you can gift him a new necktie to add to his collection. It is a suitable gift for working brothers and is cost effective.


6. Grooming Kit- If you have a budget between Rs 600 to Rs 1500 you can buy a men’s grooming kit. It has all the bare essentials for men and is a perfect present for your brother.

Men’s Grooming Kit

7. Toys- Little brothers might be rambunctious, but they sure do make every moment lively. For all those mini-superman’s you can buy a football, a basketball, remote control cars and helicopters or legos. They are endless toys available in the market and you can pick any thing that fits your budget.

Remote Control Car

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