Obama or Trump, who are you going to be this Halloween?

Obama, Clinton, Putin, Mr Bean, everyone is invited to the party!

It’s just two days left for Halloween and we’re super-excited about it. While some are busy planning creepy pranks, others are busy planning ‘spooktacular’ parties. And what better way to freak out your friends than impersonate someone who freaks the world. No, we’re not trying to give you chills, we’re just here to have some fun.

So here are five Halloween make-up ideas your ‘politically correct’ friends:

President Obama

Barack Obama, Halloween

Obama Mask (Photo: ebay)

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most powerful man of them all? Yes, it’s president Obama!
If you’re planning to look all-mighty and elegant, President of the United States, Barack Obama is your pick. In case you’re wondering how will pull off that look, Obama Halloween masks are your simplest bet.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, halloween

Donald Trump (Photo: ebay)

For all those eccentric souls who want to go rogue, Donald Trump is an interesting character you can mimick. For Trump Halloween masks click here.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Halloween

Hillary Clinton (Photo: ebay)

Hillary Clinton is a popular name. After kicking Trump’s ass in the presidential debates, she’s successfully leading the camp into victory. For all those who support camp Hillary, here’s a mask for your Halloween party.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, Halloween

Vladimir Putin (Photo: ebay)

If you thought that only Obama is powerful, try Putin. The Russian president is classy as hell and knows how to make a statement. Here’s where you can get a Putin Halloween mask.

Mr. Bean

Mr Bean, Halloween

Mr Bean (Photo: ebay)

Bored of the political rant? Meet Mr. Bean, the man who will make you laugh like never before.