Meet Dytto: This 19-year old Barbie doll break dancer will stun you with her moves

Dytto is the new international dancer on Star Plus's dance reality show Dance+ Season 3 and you will be picking your jaw off the floor after watching her perform.

Choreographer Remo D’Souza is back with his dance reality show Dance Plus 3 with his squad of international dancers and Dytto is one of them. The third season of this dance reality show is “Ek Level Up” in a true sense. Remo introduced a twist in which he will have his own squad with some of the world’s best dancer who will challenge selected teams. In the episode that aired on Sunday, we saw the ‘Queen of tutting’ Dytto perform. Dytto has also appeared on EllenDeGeneres Show and showed us that she can not only dance but blow minds away.  So we decided to find out a little more about this American dancer.

What is so special about the 19-year old break dancer?

Dytto set the stage on fire with her vivacious never-seen-before dancing style. She is one of the very few females tutter in the world. Tutting is a contemporary abstract dance form that involves using body movements to make geometric angles in a stop and go fashion. It needs a perfect time and beat synchronisation which takes a lot of concentration. It is not an easy dance form to master especially when it is a community dominated by mostly male dancers.  She became a global sensation when she did a show in San Francisco in which she mesmerised the crowd dancing to a remix of “Barbie Girl”.  Check out her dancing style.

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The young dance revolutionary, Dytto, stunned everyone with her popping, tutting and finger tutting. Her hypnotising robotic movements are so flawless that it is sometimes hard to believe that it is not visual effects but a live performance. Dytto started dancing at the tender age of 3 and then moved to Los Angeles six years ago to live her dream and now luckily for us, it has led her to India. And we simply can’t wait to see more of her powerhouse performances on the show. Till then you watch her performance that aired on Sunday night (featured video).

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