How Indian Men Are Taking Makeup Seriously

Move over conventions, because Indian men are here to tell you that they love makeup. Why? Because they want to look good, silly.

Indian men are actually taking makeup very seriously and quite a few of them are even willing to impart their newfound wisdom to the uninitiated. A young makeup enthusiast tells InUth, “Makeup is just an art. Your age, gender doesn’t matter when it comes to art. It just gives me confidence.”

And we cannot agree more. Attaching gender to makeup, which at the end of the day could be construed as art, is meaningless. Plus, Indian men are also realising the benefits of makeup during special occasions and it can even help in hiding acne.

Men wearing makeup is not a new concept at all as it dates back to the Indus Valley Civilisation, moreover, Bollywood actors have also been sporting makeup for decades together.

So, what are the rest of you waiting for?