Yes, 'boob pillows' exist and they are surprisingly comfortable and cheaper!

These squishy pillows with memory foam will change the way you sleep at night!

After a long and tiring day, all a girl wants to do is come back home and chill on her comfy bed. Sans the bra, of course. If diamonds are a girl’s best friends, bras are her mortal enemies. As soon as you wear it in the morning, it feels like it gets tighter by the minute and by the end of the day you just want to rip it to shreds. But wait, as soon as you begin to toss and turn on your bed, trying to find the comfiest position, your boobs get in the way. So long, comfort.

What if we tell you all that could change? Ladies, your dream pillow is here! Presenting the revolutionary, albeit a little weird looking, boob pillow! Yes, these squishy pillows with memory foam are heaven for your boobs and will change the way you sleep at night. These pillows come with 2 indents so that you can relax on your stomach whilst supporting your shoulder and protecting your breasts from getting squished! They come in all shapes and sizes based on your cup size.

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We agree that these pillows aren’t the prettiest things to look at and will probably not go with your decor, but damn are they comfy! Check em out:

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Here’s where you can buy these comfy babies:

Here’s the big question though: Would you try them out? Tell us what you think!

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