Suffering from insomnia? 7 things you can do to sleep better

Do you lie wide awake each night? Are you having trouble sleeping? From dim lights to hot shower, here's how you can fall asleep fast

While no one would want to rest in an eternal slumber like Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), everyone loves to sleep. Be it the time when you are burning your midnight oil to get into one of the top colleges of the country or the time when you are too tired to even fetch yourself a glass of water (thanks to your hectic work life), sleep is a friend we all gladly embrace. But what if you couldn’t sleep? What if you rest your head on the pillow each night hoping to catch a glimpse of your beautiful friend, but it just won’t acknowledge you? What if neither exhaustion nor your body clock is strong enough to help you fall asleep? If you too are facing similar situations, then let me tell you a secret– you are not alone!

For those hopeless souls who find it difficult to fall asleep each night, here are some tips that will help:

1) Force yourself to stay awake

How to stay awake late

How to stay awake late (Photo: Dreamstime)

While your aim is to fall asleep, it’s a good trick to force yourself to stay awake. We all know that we never do the things that we are told to. Well, this is true for our sleeping pattern as well!

2) Visualise

sleep, think, health

Think (Photo: Pixabay)

This is a time-tested method. Whenever you find yourself struggling to sleep just imagine a situation where you are happy and content. It can be anything- a vacation you just had or a moment you anticipate to happen in the future.

3) Chant

meditation, health

Meditation (Photo: Pixabay)

This is simple meditation as you don’t need to chant some mantra to fall asleep. It can be a simple quote or a word or a phrase that inspires you or is important to you. But make sure that you’re sitting in a comfortable position.

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4) Dim the lights

bedroom, sleep, health

Dim lights in bed room (Photo: Pixabay)

Bright lights often heighten our senses giving our brain the signal to stay alert. Use dim lights in your room after dinner to create the right ambiance.

5) Take a hot shower

sleep, hot shower, health

Hot shower (Photo: Pexels)

Get your lazy asses off the bed and take a hot shower. This will help your body to relax and fall asleep faster. A simple shower can help you travel miles in the ‘sleepville’.

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6) Set the right temperature



A comfortable bedding with a room that has optimum temperature is essential for a good nights sleep. If it’s too cold, you’ll freeze, if it’s too warm you’ll swim in your own sweat (you know what we mean).

7) Goodbye gadgets


Using Smartphones (Photo: Pixabay)

Turn off all your gadgets, especially your Internet connectivity. A single blink on your smartphone can disturb your sleep cycle and prevent you from falling asleep.

Bonus: Eat a light meal at night and have it early. A full stomach increases discomfort, disturbing the sleep cycle. Apart from this, you can also use some fragrances like lavender (or coffee if you like) to relax your senses.


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