Happy Valentine's Week 2017: Promise Day, Kiss Day and Hug Day are more important than Valentine's Day

Ever wonder why Promise Day, Hug Day and Kiss Day hold significance in your life?

Youngsters are anxious to celebrate Valentine’s Day with great zeal and vigour. What a special week it has been. The most exciting part of the week is that love comes in all shapes and sizes for girls and boys. Starting from Rose Day, Propose Day to Valentine’s Day – each day holds a significance in everyone’s life. The beautiful memories you weave together in this one week can at times dominate the essence of an entire year.

From 7 February to 14th February, the week is super cute and holds a lot of excitement for all the people out there. Ever wonder what each day is all about or for that matter why these days are so important? Maybe the emotional quotient is at stake maybe there is more to these days…

Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Promise Day

Promise Day is celebrated on February 11 each year. As the name suggests, youngsters exchange promises and vows that are taken very seriously. Couples ensure that they stick to their promises and commitments that they make on this day.


On emotional quotient, the day holds a higher significance.

Kiss Day

There is nothing better than expressing your love for your partner. And what better way can be than celebrating it with your partner by showcasing romantic gestures in the form of a kiss. Kisses are an intimate way of expressing love.


Kiss Day is celebrated on February 12 every year. The day is synonymous to the feeling of being expressive. You can make your loved ones feel special. I mean what best way to confess your love to your partner than by gently kissing him/her on this day.

Hug Day:

Kiss Day is followed by Hug Day which is celebrated on February 13 every year. To everyone’s surprise, there are numerous ways you can hug your partner and friends. From Bear hug, speed hug to side hug, every hug holds a special meaning.


Your partner and friends need a comforting hug. While in relationships, sometimes gentle coaxing is all you need. This is where hugs come into the picture. The proximity you share with your partners is nicely represented by hugs. Even scientifically, it has been proven that hugs are beneficial as they stimulate brain cells in your body.

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