Friends With Benefits - Putative Possibility?

Friends With Benefits - Putative Possibility

If it isn’t casual with absolutely no-strings-attached, it certainly isn’t a ‘Friends With Benefit’ fling. As embarking on a physical relationship with someone whom one might have feelings for – more often than not ends in a complete disaster with either of the individuals ending up being heartbroken.

The idea behind FWB is simply having fun, keeping it discrete, being spontaneous and it has to be hassle-free. Thus it is generally advisable to engage in the act with strangers and not with people whom one might love.

Sometimes what happens is that when two people decide to go through with FWB they initially settle on keeping it simple as they aren’t dating, but inevitably down the road someone tends to develop a feeling and that’s when it becomes complicated.

FWB gives two people the privilege of messing around more and talking less and it is also worth knowing that being clingy is a ‘Big No’ as nobody likes a lingerer, especially when it’s not Official! So maintaining boundaries should become a priority.

The most basic and essential principle to FWB is that you two aren't 'Official'. (Courtesy: Pexels)

The most basic and essential principle to FWB is that you two aren’t ‘Official’. (Courtesy: Pexels)

So keep it simple folks, and remember to have fun!