From red wine to dark chocolate, try these 11 foods to boost your sex life

Is your bad performance in bed affecting your relationship? From red wine and coffee to ginger and eggs, here are some foods that will boost your libido

Do you find yourself more eager to sleep than spend some quality time with your partner in bed? Do you believe that you are constantly disappointing your partner? Do you believe that your wish to have fun with your partner is going down the hill? If your answer is yes, then this is the time that you make some major changes to your lifestyle.

I mean it wouldn’t hurt to sip a glass of wine before going to bed (yeah, you know what we are talking about) and may be like to turn on some soft and romantic music but do you know that there are foods that can boost your sex drive naturally?

Here’s a list of 11 such food items that will make you perform better in bed:


Spinach, food

Spinach (Photo: Pixabay)

Do you remember the cartoon series Popeye? Well, if you do, you would know that Popeye and Olive were constantly chasing each other leaving poor Brutus behind. Why do you think Popeye always had spinach instead of eating any other power boosting food (you got it!)? To simplify it further, Spinach has magnesium, which increases blood flow to the extremities and help you perform better.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate, food

Dark Chocolate (Photo: Facebook)

Dark chocolate has a number of health benefits. Not only does it help in getting rid of the period pain but it also helps in increasing your performance by increasing the hormones that lower the stress and make us happy. It also helps in relaxing the blood vessels (and we all know what happen next!).


Broccoli, food

Broccoli (Photo: Pixabay)

Eat it raw with your salad or toss it in your favourite dish, broccoli is loaded with Vitamin C, which helps in improving blood circulation in the body and improving libido in women.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate, food

Pomegranate (Photo: Pixabay)

Pomegranate juice is a super food. It not only blood sugar and blood pressure levels but also boosts your immunity and keeps anemia at bay. But do you know it has shown to have a positive impact on erectile dysfunction? So, next time you are having trouble in that department, you know what to do!


watermelon, food


Watermelon is power packed with loads of vitamins and minerals. It has high levels of lycopene, which essentially has a viagra-life effect on the body. It also helps in relaxing blood vessels. So if you are looking for a natural aphrodisiac, you know what to look for!


Berries, food

Berries (Photo: Pixabay)

Blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries are a power house of energy. They not only boost your libido but also improve sexual endurance. Toss it in your oatmeal or have them fresh, they taste great either way.



Ginger (Photo: Pixabay)

Ginger is a super food. It not only helps in relieving menstrual cramping but it also helps in improving your sex life. It helps in maintaining a healthy circulation in the body and also helps in keeping flu at bay.

Red Wine

Red wine, food

Red wine (Photo: Pixabay)

Everyone knows about the magical health benefits of drinking red wine. It boosts immunity, improves memory and is great for skin. But do you know it also good for your sexual health? It not only stimulates arousal but also relaxes blood vessels and makes you feel sexy and smart.

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Coffee, food

Coffee (Photo: Pixabay)

Any one who ever said that drinking coffee wasn’t good for health didn’t know what all it could be used for. Studies show that coffee has proven to be a stimulant in setting the right mood for women. Get your gal a nice latte and you are good to go!


Eggs, food

Eggs (Photo: Dreamstime)

How do you like your eggs– poached, scrambled, fried or boiled? Well, eat them which ever way you like, but they will never disappoint you. They are loaded with proteins and are a good source of Vitamin B6, which helps in regulating libido. So what are you having for breakfast today?

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Cloves (Photo: Public Domain Pictures)

Cloves are a magic spice that has been used for treating erectile dysfunction in men for centuries. Add it to your tea or infuse it in apple cider, it works wonders either ways.

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