Watch: Actor Saqib Saleem's intense-yet-inspiring fitness regime!

Dishoom star Saqib Saleem is leaving no stone unturned to get a chiseled body. Here is how you can attain a body like him

Dishoom star Saqib Saleem is grabbing a lot of attention these days for his chiseled and nicely sculpted body. We all know how hard it is to attain six pack abs. One needs to put in a lot of hard work to get and maintain that perfect body. When it comes to our stars, they are expected to flaunt their ripped body everytime they come out. Check out Dishoom star Saqib Saleem’s Instagram account and you will instantly get an idea of how much the actor loves challenging himself with different fitness routines.

The actor made his remarkable debut with Mere Dad Ki Maruti. A fitness enthusiast since childhood, Saqib Saleem’s first love was cricket. The actor stayed in shape due to his indulgence in sports and once Mumbai called him, there was no looking back for him. The actor never misses his workout routines. He is one of the actors who flaunt finest body and his pictures are a classic example of that.

Maintaining a healthy six pack abs require a lot of dedication and patience. One has to put in a lot of hard work to get the desired result. It is not difficult to flaunt washboard killer abs and all you need is proper guidance and rigorous workout routine. Saqib enjoys his workout regimen, It pushes him to his limit and in return increases his flexibility and endurance. The actor believes in ‘no pain no gain’ philosophy and maintains that you always need to push yourself to get what you want.


His workout routine is a mix of circuit training and heavy intense training schedules. The actor puts a lot of emphasis on his cardio sessions as they increase the blood circulation in the body and in return help burn the fat. Apart from that Saqib ensures to take a day off every week from his busy workout routine.