Want maximum return from your workout? Try these pre-workout hacks

Before sweating out at the gym, how you prepare for the whole session can make or break your gains in rock-solid muscle

Apart from the time you spend at the gym, the benefits of  your workout depends upon a number of factors, known as pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout hacks.

In this post we will talk only about the pre-workout: Preparing before the workout session.

Before sweating it out at the gym, how you prepare for the session can make or break not only your performance in the gym but also your gains in rock-solid muscle.

Here is the list of few pre-workout hacks. Opting them will definitely leave you with better results.

Pre-workout nutrition

Pre Workout Routine | Image for InUth.comEat for fuel. The energy for the intense session comes from the stored carbohydrates called glycogen. Thus, it becomes necessary to fuel your body before sweating it out. The pre-workout nutrition needs to be a combination of carbs and proteins and should be preferably consumed at least an hour or a couple of hours before your workout.

Hydrate yourself

Pre Workout Routine | Image for InUth.comIt’s really important to maintain the hydration level of your body for the whole day. To stay energized during your intense workout session you should drink at least 20 ounces of water. But remember, drinking too much water just before working out should be avoided.

Pre-workout supplements

Pre Workout Routine | Image for InUth.comTaking the right supplement can do wonders to your body. There are a plethora of supplements available in the market to choose from; however, products containing a combination of caffeine and arginine are preferred. For better results take your pre-workout supplement 30 minutes before the session.

Make a playlist

Pre Workout Routine | Image for InUth.comChoose your own playlist, which can boost your energy during the session. Researchers claim that listening to your preferred playlist can pump you up.

Workout tracker or plan

Pre Workout Routine | Image for InUth.comDon’t forget to decide your objective of the day. Make a plan for the whole session. To keep yourself focused, note down the list of exercises you are going to perform on the day along with the number of reps.