Tensed about winter fat? Follow these tips to enjoy the season without gaining weight

Cozying a little too much in winters? Dreading of lazying around and gaining weight? Worry not, follow these tips and forget about gaining weight.

Winters are special. We long for days when we comfortably stuff ourselves in warm cozy blankets while drinking hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows in it, and appease our hunger with warm cheesy pizza at night because getting out of blanket just seems impossible. Then as soon as the thoughts on blissful cozy wonderland draw you, resentment knocks your door with a bang! The thought of getting a food baby by the end of winters, while the world is busy in foiling crazy summer and beach body goals, is too much to handle.  You remember the pain of exercising and dieting. And suddenly, everything in your dreamland is on fire.

Too much of the visual imagery, eh? Darling, there is a reason why “winter is coming” quote is so dreaded. Worry not; we are here to give you tips to enjoy winters without gaining weight.winter-food-dreamstime-image-for-inuth

Get Set Plan

While we are not going to stop you from eating warm cookies and comfort meals, it is important that you plan your meals beforehand. This may sound like a tiresome task to most of us, but seriously, planning your meals can keep that winter weight at bay. Not only does planning meals stop you from overeating, but they also get you to connect with your food, which is great psychologically.

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Limit the fun

Practice portion control. It is very important especially in winters because you do not want to get carried away and regret overeating later. A perfect way to do that would be to fix your plate (recommended: small size). The small plate full of food will firstly, give your hunger buds signals of excess and secondly, it will train your mind to eat in limits. And if you are still craving, there’s always an option of refilling.

Go Colorful

You love colors in your life right? Make sure that your plate is full of colors. So, the next time you are enjoying a lip smacking hot pizza, add salads or some greens on the sides. Sounds weird I know, but works!

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Your conscious effort towards your body is ultimately going to help you keep the winter weight away. Remember these tips, and you’ll thanks us later!