See Pics: Huma Qureshi's detox therapy is no more a secret!

Huma Qureshi has shared her detox chart that can help you stay fit

We already told you how Huma Qureshi has taken a month-long detox challenge wherein the actress has decided to stay at the top of her fitness game. The actress has been involved in a couple of extensive workout routines. She has been a part of quite a many fitness regimens that has led to a massive transformation.While people might be looking for her secret diet and tips that could help them in a similar transformation, that being said, Huma has taken to her social media account to share a couple of pictures wherein she has revealed her secret diet.

Yes! This is true! Huma has spilled the beans on her diet and has posted a couple of pictures regarding the food items that she is striving upon in order to stay fit. But before we tell you about food items, we need to tell you that some of the food items might not be your taste buds favourite but then they are effective and that is what matters the most. You can have a pizza as well! Here are the food items that should be eaten in the right amount.
DAY 9 of #28dayCleanse – On waking start with a large glass of water & Pinch of Himalayan Salt – 30 mins before breakfast : Cup of hot water with juice of half lemon and fresh grated ginger – BREAKFAST : 125ml Almond milk brought to boil; Add 30g Quinoa, stir and simmer for 10 mins till most fluid has absorbed. Serve with 1 tablespoon of Mango, 1 tablespoon Almonds (5-8 nuts), 1 teaspoon Chia seeds, 1 tablespoon Greek Yogurt -SNACK : INVIGORATING GREEN JUICE (1 pear, 4 inches of cucumber, 2 cups spinach, 2 cups Kale, 1 Main Broccoli stem, 1/4 cup fresh Basil, 1/4 fresh Lime) – LUNCH : SPICY ROASTED GREEN BEANS, CHERRY TOMATOES with TOFU
(125g Green Beans cut to 1 inch; 80g Tomatoes cut in half; 100g Tofu cut in cubes; 1 teaspoon Olive Oil; 1 pinch salt, 1 pinch Black Pepper; 1 pinch Cayenne Pepper) – SNACK : 1/2 Fruit – DINNER : FLOWER POWER EGG & CAULIFLOWER PIZZA (homemade )

This is just a demo, here is the complete diet chart:

#28dayCleanse Day 1- 30 mins before breakfast : Cup of hot water with juice if half lemon and fresh grated ginger – BREAKFAST : 2 x Poaches Eggs with Grilled Tomato, Tender stem broccoli, Rocket and grated Parmesan Cheese – SNACK : 15 Almond Nuts – LUNCH : Smoked Salmon Salad 50 g, Fish Tikka 50g, Spinach, 5 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 Avocado, 1/6 Cucumber chopped, 1/2 Red Pepper, 50g Moong Dal , 1/2 Teaspoon of each pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds with Teaspoon olive oil dressing – SNACK : 1 portion Fruit (5 strawberries or 15 Blueberries or 1 kiwi or 15 grapes) with 50g Greek Yogurt – DINNER : 4 hour Marinated Chicken Breast (Olive oil, Dijon Mustard, Garlic, Lemon Juice, Chives, Salt & Pepper) oven cooked or grilled. Served with Red onion Salad #goodfood #nutrition #happygirlsarefittest @senkaisean

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